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Hello Collectors and Comic fans! We have a large store of german comicbooks and german novel booklets (Jerry Cotton, John Sinclair, Billy Jenkins,Tom Prox,Pete) from 1920-2006

Old german comics ( e.g. Felix, Bessy, Micky Maus, Sigurd, Luc Orient, Schlümpfe, Prinz Eisenherz, Wastl and more ) and new ones, which have just reached our store from all publishing houses ( Ehapa, Carlsen, Comicplus, Kulteditionen, Reprodukt and more )

About 200.000 old comicbooks available

We purchase almost all old comics from 1920-1970

About 5000 us comics from 1950-1990 (Vampirella, Spiderman, X-Men, Star Trek and many other )

Additionally we offer collector albums for small pictures from 1920-1956 (Josetti, Sturm, Stollwerck, Liebig, Erdal, Eckstein and more )

Moreover we have got film programs from 1940-1980 ( Illustrierte Filmbühne etc. ) and film magazines (Frau im Film ,Filmwoche and more )

and music magazines ("Bravo"from the fifties to the eighties, Sounds, Musikparade , Musikexpress etc. )

old child picture books from 1945-1959

erotic comics and photo magazines

Opening times

Monday to Friday: 11 AM - 6 PM
Saturday: 10.15 AM - 2 PM


Comicladen Kollektiv
Fruchtallee 130
20259 Hamburg

Phone: (0049) 40 40 77 81


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